Guide to automating time tracking in your law firm

Discover how management software can improve the tracking of billable hours in your firm.

Guide to automating time tracking in your law firm

Why is it essential to read this eBook?

Effective time management allows for better planning and resource allocation across different business units.

Discover the impact of transparency on each case.

Understand the importance of gaining full visibility into what tasks each team member is performing in real time.

Learn to manage the workload and availability of each team member.

Centralize information and get a global view of the hours invested in each case.

"The difference between estimating and knowing can define the success of your firm.”

Discover the 3 key ways to automate time recording:

Calendar Integration

Synchronization with calendars for automatic assignment of recurring events to specific tasks and time recording.


Consolidated real-time visibility of the team’s time records.

Suggested Hours

Detection of tasks and automatic hour suggestions based on each user’s activity.

Modern technology can transform the way your firm operates, ensuring billing based on precision and efficiency, freeing your team from the burden of outdated methods, and allowing them to focus on what really matters: providing quality legal services.

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