Information management, data being a key element


When enumerating the tasks to be developed in order to reach the company’s success, information management tends to be put aside.

No matter if you are carrying out a project, running a department or leading an organization, you should never put aside information management.

The need for standardizing data management is usually seen as a secondary element, in general this is due to the fact that members are few and information is not copious.

However, as the organization grows or the project becomes more complex, the data network becomes confusing and leads to a big waste of time and money.

The so-called “Information Technologies”, in which technology and data processing methods converge, appeared with the aim of sharpening and facilitating the creation of systems for managing information within an organization.

Regardless of the existence of these tools, the human element is essential when managing information. This is due to the fact that these systems are just an instrument, and not the final solution.

We suggest you bear in mind these items regarding information within your company:


You should document every relevant change and process. Try to do so by thinking that somebody else should read and understand perfectly.

Messaging system

You should have an internal messaging system which allows you to keep a record of every exchange.

Dynamic exchange

You should ensure a dynamic exchange of information. This will guarantee that each area has fluent communication and comes to continuous feedback.

Important decisions

You should have a record for registering highly important decision-making processes. This will enable other people to have a quick and organized reference of these milestones, and hence avoiding confusions and misunderstandings.

Developing habits

As already mentioned, the human factor is essential. This is why you should always encourage the habit of good information management.


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