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Communication failures, file versions, and confidential information storage are amongst the biggest challenges faced by workgroups. Keeping all your information organized and in one place is now possible with COR. 

that is exchanged in your firm and optimize the performance of your team. Keeping all your information organized and in one place is now possible with COR.


Caso de éxito

Balloon Group, agencia de marketing digital, fue nombrada como la empresa argentina de mayor crecimiento en su industria y COR fue un gran pilar en este camino.

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Have every
user worked time
in each task

COR allows each user to record worked hours for each task. The tool automatically multiplies the hour value of each user and calculates the total cost of that task.

In addition, if the firm works based on pre-approved budgets, COR compares these costs with the budget and automatically calculates their profitability. Looking to add additional costs and/or project expenses? You can now do so as well!

Automatize process
with recurrent tasks

By creating recurring tasks, COR allows you to automate repetitive jobs with a certain frequency for a client.

The platform will generate the same task monthly, quarterly, semiannually or when required, according to your specific need.

Be aware of
each task status

Avoid continuously checking in with team members on the status of each task they are running.

Maintain a real-time control and overview of each project and task stage. Communicate through the platform and centralize all information within COR.

Send estimates
and invoices

Price quote your services and send them to your clients through COR. Collect your fees with the billing tool integrated to the platform.


COR is the friendliest Project Management tool not only for its unique features, but also because it is integrated with your current business tools.

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