Remote work, spreading your team’s horizons

Remote Work

Remote work or teleworking has gained importance during the last years.

Although we have already enumerated some advice for achieving an effective home-office, we would like to go in depth into the fact of using remote human resources.

This system enables you to have workers with skills that, maybe, you don’t find in your area.

Strengthening your team is a variable to be permanently analyzed, and enabling its growth is your duty.

You can choose to have part of your team under this modality, or even the whole team

However, the fact of not being physically present can pose some difficulties on the work flow. Hence, we herein give you some advice to succeed in making this work system a functional one.

Management tools

It´s essential that you use a tool which enables you to simplify tasks’ allocation, as well as the sharing of information on projects, messages exchange, clients’ follow-up, etc. You should remember that you will have people working remotely, therefore you should facilitate every work and communication aspect.

Common schedules

It’s habitual to see that the resource who joins your work team is from another region or country, probably from a different time zone. Therefore, we suggest you look for the times during which you work concurrently, so that you can use those hours for having fluent communication and defining the aspects of certain project in real time.


Maybe the person who works remotely speaks a different language, and you may even have several team members speaking different languages. This is why establishing a common language (generally, English) is a widely-used practice. You can also decide to have a person in charge of the area, who shall be the link and translator of the work team.

Periodic meetings

The fact of not being physically present is not an excuse for not having connection with them. You should organize periodic meetings for getting to know the status of each project and future plans, or simply for speaking about personal matters and therefore achieve bonds.


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