Time Management

Pain Points for Creative Agencies

Top Pain Points for Creative Agencies

If you鈥檝e ever worked in content production, then you鈥檙e one of us. After a long day refining your ideas, gathering data, writing copy, and writing...

Time Tracking Software: Enhance your Agency’s Performance

Any business that spends their working hours away from the office or working on a computer can benefit from time tracking. Here we鈥檒l discuss why...
hourly work rates

Hourly Work Rates: The Right Way To Go For Creatives

There鈥檚 been a hot debate about how rates should be charged in creative agencies since the beginning of their lifetime. Hourly and fixed rates have...

Advertising: The Overtime Industry?

Copywriter. UX designer. Graphic designer. Producer. Illustrator. Creative director. Many people dream of landing a creative role in the advertising industry. It鈥檚 a competitive field...
tracking hours

Tracking Hours: A Task for the Creative?

Tracking Hours: A task for the creative? Time Management is often overlooked and not taken seriously, but once implemented in a creative environment, you鈥檝e just...

Developers: Is it Better to Work in an Agency or be a Freelancer?

With the rise of digital marketing, agencies and other businesses have made e-commerce and mobile marketing a top priority. Therefore, web developers are in high...

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