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HOY Agency / Havas delivering on the promise of efficiency with COR

Teams Using COR

Accounts, Creativity, Design, New Business, Production and Digital

HOY, the Havas Group’s creative agency in Colombia, has implemented COR as its allied management tool to improve operational efficiency, guarantee quality in deliverables and improve the relationship with its clients.

What have they achieved with COR?

“A tool like COR helps with negotiations and transparency. When a client has visibility over the agency in a much more technical way, it allows for a better relationship and the ability to measure the work”.

René Baquero, Managing Director of HOY and COO of Havas Group in Colombia, recognizes COR as a key tool for negotiations, as it allows to measure the work in a transparent way, which makes for a better relationship with the client.

In turn, Andres Jimenez, Director of Operations, explains how COR helped the agency to cope with the change in the work dynamics during the pandemic, enabling them to have 100 people in house, coordinated through collaborative functions; thus, they have also gained visibility on the work of each of the members of the agency in real time.

“COR has helped us deliver on a promise to be much faster, much more efficient, and to have much more creativity for the present.”