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HOY, the creative agency of the Havas Group in Colombia, has implemented COR as its strategic management tool, focusing on improving operational efficiency, ensuring the quality of deliverables, and strengthening client relationships. René Vaquero, Managing Director and CCO of Havas Group in Colombia, emphasizes that COR has been crucial in adapting to current market demands, enabling the agency to be faster, more efficient, and creatively relevant.

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Challenges faced

The pandemic presented significant challenges for HOY, with the need to manage 100 employees remotely. The agency needed to ensure the continuity of its operations without sacrificing creativity or the quality of service. Additionally, they faced challenges in managing time and resources, seeking to improve transparency and efficiency in their internal and external processes.

Solution implemented with COR

The implementation of COR allowed HOY to effectively face these challenges. The platform provides advanced tools for organizing times and tasks, allowing for the visualization of calendars and intuitive and detailed management of projects by client. During the pandemic, COR facilitated constant coordination and communication, ensuring that each team member could work effectively from home, managing workloads and allocating additional resources when necessary.

Results Obtained

COR has allowed the agency to have total control over operations, improving traceability from the start to the delivery of each project.

The clarity provided by COR has significantly improved negotiations with clients, providing concrete data that support the efficiency and effectiveness of the agency.

This resulted in better project deliverability and more effective distribution of work.

The ability to monitor workload in real time has allowed the agency to optimize task and resource allocation, improving team well-being and client satisfaction.

“COR has helped us fulfill a promise to be much faster, much more efficient, and to have creativity that is much more present”

Andrés Jimenez, Director of Operations


The implementation of COR at HOY has transformed the way the agency operates, continuously improves its processes, and communicates with its clients. This change has not only elevated its operational and creative capacity but also strengthened its client-agency relationships, positioning HOY as a leader in creativity and operational efficiency within the competitive advertising market.