Exclusive webinar with David Sable + COR Awards 2024

MullenLowe SSP3 and the Digital Transformation

Teams using COR

Administration and Finance, HR, Operations, Creativity, Design.

MullenLowe SSP3 is a highly awarded advertising agency and belongs to the IPG group together with MullenLowe Group, Profero, Comms, MediaHub and Open. Together with COR, MullenLowe took the step towards digital transformation.

What have they achieved with COR?
“The internal digital transformation is synonymous with loyalty that returns as profitability, and that is what COR has allowed us to do.”

Camilo Plazas, Chief Innovation Officer at MullenLowe SSP3, comments on how the agency has managed to optimize its processes through insights obtained from the real-time platform. He emphasizes that the language, visualization and ease of use has allowed them to have a view of the entire board, what their people were doing within the projects and consequently greater agility in decision making.

All this information has also allowed them to visualize costing and reworks issues, allowing them to minimize them. This change, above all, represents the step towards the digital transformation.

“It has helped us understand where we have to optimize, where we have to be more intelligent, it has become an ally of digital transformation. The future is to have that data in real time.”

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