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Discover how MullenLowe DELTA increased its profitability by raising its billable hours to 87%



MullenLowe Delta is an Ecuadorian agency known for its integrated approach in advertising services and its commitment to intelligently solving its clients’ market problems.

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Challenges faced

The agency’s challenge was to minimize workload overload and optimize profitability through improved time and resource management.

Solution implemented with COR

Jadir Gamba, COO, and Fernanda Rodríguez, Operations Lead, spearheaded the implementation, adoption, and management of COR. COR served as an essential tool to measure and adjust team utilization and client capacity, as well as to maintain rigorous project cost tracking, resulting in optimized profitability and a significant reduction in workload.

Results Obtained

They achieved an optimal workload, decreasing by 3% compared to the year 2022.

They improved their billable hours, reaching 87% during the year. Considering that 82% is the benchmark proposed by COR, MullenLowe Delta stands out as one of the most efficient agencies, achieving performance well above the benchmark.

Billable vs internal

Billable vs internal

“Definitely, COR is the basis for building an efficient operation.”

Jadir Gamba, COO of MullenLowe Delta.


MullenLowe Delta has been in the Ecuadorian market for 30 years and is part of the global creative boutique MullenLowe, a network present in over 65 markets with more than 90 agencies. It is an agency committed to innovation and excellence, with a history of awards that support its quality and creativity. Alongside COR, MullenLowe Delta continues to advance in automation, integration, and business data analysis.