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Discover how VMLY&R has transformed its operation with COR



VMLY&R is a global advertising and marketing agency belonging to the WPP group, resulting from the recent merger of Young & Rubicam with VML, an American agency focused on technology.

As part of their plans in this new integration, they aim to simplify operations and offer more sophisticated products. In recent years, VMLY&R Colombia has been recognized for being at the forefront in adopting technology, which has made them extremely effective and delivering high quality in their work.

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Challenges faced

Before implementing COR, VMLY&R faced significant challenges related to optimizing workflow in creative projects and efficient communication with clients. The integration of different systems and corporate cultures complicated collaboration and efficiency, while the lack of real-time visibility on project progress hindered profitability and resource management. Additionally, they needed to improve transparency and interaction with clients to strengthen trust and value not only creativity but also strategic precision in delivering results.

Solution implemented with COR

Diego Romero, Director of Operations, highlights how COR has revolutionized operational management and communication between client and agency at VMLY&R Colombia. Started as a pilot project, COR quickly established itself as an essential tool, positively impacting the organizational culture and elevating the agency’s profitability. The software has provided invaluable clarity on the agency’s operational capacity, offering a detailed and updated view of workload and available resources.

COR has been instrumental in improving traceability and tracking of contracted hours versus hours actually worked, thus optimizing internal workflow. This tracking ability has enabled VMLY&R to manage its resources more efficiently, ensuring that each project is executed within the estimated time and budget.

The feedback received from clients through the information provided by COR has been crucial in strengthening relationships with them. Clients not only recognize VMLY&R for its creative excellence and production quality, but now deeply value the transparency and strategic intelligence the agency brings to their operations.

Results Obtained

“It is a very easy tool to use, it has a wonderful graphical interface, it is constantly improving, it has very good service support and that makes us more competitive.”

Diego Romero, Director of Operations in VML Guayanal, Colombia


With the help of COR, VMLY&R has measured all kinds of deliverables, being able to extract average times for them and also, it can provide an estimate on the client-agency traffic and even within the agency itself. The use of COR has allowed VMLY&R not only to meet creative and production expectations but also to add significant value to the client’s operation, making them strategic partners beyond advertising. This collaboration has reinforced client trust and positioned VMLY&R as a key ally in optimizing their marketing strategies.