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How VMLY&R has transformed its operation with COR

Teams Using COR

Administration and Finance, HR, Operations, Creativity, Design.

VMLY&R is a global advertising and marketing agency belonging to the WPP group, the result of the recent merger of Young & Rubicam with VML, a US agency focused on technology. As part of its plans in this new integration it is simplifying operations and offering more sophisticated products.

What have they achieved with COR?
“With COR we have been able to measure all types of deliverables and have clear estimates of the time it takes for each task”

Diego Romero, Director of Operations, comments on how the agency managed to optimize communication with its clients, from the creation of the project in COR to the deliverable, providing visibility in terms of delivery times and progress. In addition, it has helped them to have a clearer picture of the installed capacity within the agency, providing a clearer picture of the operational load.

The feedback obtained by the client thanks to the information provided by COR has helped them to establish trust with the client, who begins to value them not only for their creativity and production, but also for the strategic information they offer.

Today VMLY&R has measured all types of deliverables, being able to get average times from them and also, can provide an estimate in the client-agency traffic and even within the agency itself.

“COR makes us more competitive. These tools are a great excuse for the big changes within a company”.

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