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Discover how DDB Colombia increased its profitability by raising its billable hours to 89%



DDB Colombia Group, part of the global DDB network, is an advertising agency recognized for its creativity and innovation. It focuses on providing strategic and creative solutions that drive its clients’ business.


DDB Colombia Group is the Colombian subsidiary of DDB Latina Group, belonging to the DDB Worldwide Communications Group, which in turn is part of Omnicom Group (OMC). With offices in Bogotá and Medellín, DDB Colombia Group, through its various divisions, serves five of the twenty largest companies in Colombia in different marketing communication disciplines.

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Challenges faced

The agency faced challenges in efficiently managing time and resources, workload, and the need to improve project tracking and profitability.

Solution implemented with COR

The implementation of COR at DDB Colombia Group allowed for significant improvements in time and resource management. The platform provided tools for automated time tracking, efficient resource allocation, and detailed client analysis.

Results Obtained

Considering that:


average billable hours that the agency managed to maintain


benchmark proposed by COR

It stands out as one of the most efficient agencies, achieving performance well above the benchmark.

Time Allocation - Billable per Q

Time allocation

The agency improved workload management, achieving healthy levels of team overload at 14%. Real-time knowledge of the availability and capacity of teams and their members helped the agency distribute work more efficiently and accurately, avoiding overburdening talent.

The implementation of COR allowed DDB Colombia Group to offer its clients transparency in operational processes. COR has been essential in allowing clients to obtain a clear and precise view of their teams’ performance and functionality. The ability to monitor activities and performance in real time ensures complete alignment and fosters a trusting relationship.

Impact of COR Transparency

The use of COR has generated significant results for DDB Colombia Group:

Complete visibility into processes and outcomes has created a solid foundation of trust and security between the client and the agency.

The ability to monitor and manage work has reinforced the perception of quality and honesty of the company.

Going beyond creativity, the strengthened collaborative focus between the agency and its clients has elevated the company’s value.

“Achieving efficient processes for our clients requires the evolution of technology and process partners.”

Xavier Serrano, CEO of DDB Colombia.


The implementation of COR at DDB Colombia Group is a clear example of how technology can optimize the management of advertising agencies, improving profitability, efficiency, and satisfaction for both clients and employees.

DDB Colombia Group has demonstrated exemplary commitment to continuous improvement and operational efficiency through the implementation of COR. The agency has a very good practice in the use, frequency, and workload on the platform. COR has been fundamental in addressing time and resource management challenges, allowing the agency to maintain a high percentage of billable hours and effectively manage workload. Additionally, enhanced transparency and communication with clients have strengthened trust and built value in the agency-client relationship. These changes have not only improved operational efficiency but have also significantly contributed to the agency’s recognition, culminating in the award for “Most Effective Network” at the Effies. This evidences that the strategic focus and effective use of technological tools, like COR, are essential for success and sustainability in the marketing and advertising sector.