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Discover how Shift Porter Novelli was able to increase its profitability additional US$ 270,000 annually by an through increased billable hours.

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Challenges faced

Shift Porter Novelli faced significant challenges related to operational efficiency and team management, especially after a period of staff reduction due to a drop in revenue. The need to optimize billable hours and manage non-billable hours became more relevant in this context. The agency needed to improve its performance in billable hours and structure non-billable hours to detect and leverage operational efficiency opportunities.

Solution implemented with COR

Under the leadership of Rodrigo Castro, CEO of Shift Porter Novelli LATAM, the implementation of COR was crucial. The agency adopted COR to enhance its project management and operational efficiency, and the choice of this tool was justified by several of its key features:

Intuitive Interface: COR facilitates collaboration and organization throughout projects with its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Functionalities: The platform integrates task management, scheduling, file sharing, and communication, optimizing workflows and enhancing productivity.

Customization Options: COR adapts to the specific needs of public relations agencies, allowing for customized adjustments to improve operational efficiency.

Reliable Support: The COR support team is quick and efficient, ensuring continuous and effective assistance in case of any issues.

Results Obtained

With the support of COR, the agency identified the potential to generate an additional US$ 270,000 annually. This increase would be achieved by raising the average billable hours from the current 74.75% to the COR benchmark of 82%, transforming internal hours into hours dedicated to clients.

Operative efficiency

Using COR to analyze team productivity, Porter Novelli optimized resource allocation, particularly in a year of team reduction, ensuring that no team was overloaded or had idle time.

The agency significantly reduced its reworks to an average of 3.4%, well below the COR benchmark of 25%.

“COR has been an integral part of our project management processes at Shift Porter Novelli in LATAM, and I can confidently say that it has significantly contributed to our success.”

Rodrigo Castro, CEO of Shift Porter Novelli.


Shift Porter Novelli continues to consolidate its leadership in the communications sector, supported by COR, a management tool that has notably optimized the efficiency and productivity of the agency. Thanks to COR, project management has become more intuitive and effective, allowing for deeper analysis of information and overall improved operational efficiency.