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The perfect plan for small teams to work easily

For teams of up to 15 collaborators, we offer you the necessary tools to manage your projects and your time efficiently, easily, and accessibly.

Discover why Essential is your best option.

Management, collaboration, and automation at the best price.

Simplified project management

Manage your projects easily and quickly, with complete visibility of the progress of each one in real time. Streamline work by doing and viewing it all in one place.

Time recording automation

Forget manual Excel sheets; Essentials automates this process by tracking hours spent on each project and estimating the hours invested in each type of deliverable through artificial intelligence.

Tasks and Collaboration

Improve coordination and productivity of your team by centralizing information, communication, and files in one place.


With Essentials, you’re not just acquiring a management tool; you’re investing in the productivity and growth of your team. Take the opportunity to:

Manage all your projects in one place, without limitations. (check with product about

Reduce costs and time spent on administrative tasks.

Improve visibility and control over your projects.

Automate the recording of hours worked on each task.

Facilitate collaboration and communication among your team members.

Transform your team's management today.

Why are we the best option compared to other tools?

COR Essentials
Monday Basic Plan
Clickup Unlimited
Tasks & Collaboration
Project Management (Gantt, Metrics, Privacy)
Time tracking automation
Unlimited storage
Calendar view
Self Onboarding

Choose the option that best suits you:

ANNUAL Essentials Plan

$11,50/per month
Save 15% with annual payment

Essential Mensual

$13,90/per month
per user


COR is a Management Software with Artificial Intelligence, which allows the calculation and estimation of the profitability of the projects. The tool allows managing finances, resources and projects in one place, all in real time.

companies that deliver projects to their clients and whose value per hour of work is the main asset. The types of businesses that benefit most from COR are marketing and advertising agencies, consultants, production companies, software developers, design and architecture firms, and law and accounting firms.

It is beneficial to involve all areas of the company in the platform for a more centralized and complete service, promoting better metrics and a global understanding of the business.

There are many management tools on the market, however, none offers the necessary data to allow you to calculate and estimate the profitability of your services or projects in real time. All this information comes from a load and estimation of hours performed automatically by our Machine Learning.

With all this information available, you will be able to solve many of the main problems that impact the business and its profitability, such as the overload of work of your teams that can result in staff turnover.

COR offers a variety of metrics aimed at improving the management and performance of your company. Our profitability metrics are focused on:

  • Measuring the productive capacity of your business.
  • The overall financial health of your company on a single screen.
  • Discern between projects and customers that bring profitability to your business.
  • Improve the distribution of the workload of your teams.


In addition, we have a Business Intelligence platform that will help you obtain an unlimited amount of customized metrics to get a greater and more specific visibility on the performance of your business.