CRMs: great allies for small professional services firms


CRMs softwares are no longer oriented to large companies. As your company grows, you need to know what your sales team spoke with a client, when and what he answered. For this, the best plan is to use a platform like COR.


Discover why using this platform for SMEs really worth it.


It helps focus all the information in one place: when the business starts to grow, so does the amount of data you need to manage, and using an Excel becomes insufficient. With COR it is easier to keep your information organized and get  a productive analysis of it.


It categorizes your contacts / leads: by integrating COR with your website, your contacts / leads can be loaded directly into the platform, including filters and labels which will then be usefull to filter and make new proposals.


Strengthens the relationship with customers: as a result of the history of stored information, your company will know how your client behaves and have a closer monitoring of each proposal.


Improves strategies: storing data is a key factor that will help your company to make smarter strategies based on concrete information. It is about providing the right service to the right customer. Without information, strategic decision-making is not very accurate, becoming less  profitable.


Sends budgets: COR is the only platform that enables the creation, sending and managing of budgets quickly and easily.


Allows cross and up selling: with COR, you can develop cross sales per customer. In this way, you can increase your revenues by proposing related or complementary services.


Analyzes the results: each point is linked to the previous one, yet not all is about data storing. Obtaining an analysis of it, is vital to organize your business. Thus, you can make decisions based on concrete results.


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