The gap between Salesforce and Excel


Technology advances every day with the main goal of improving the lives of people. That is why many companies (Oracle, SalesForce, SAP, among others) have put the focus on developing management systems that help to organize more efficiently the processes and team work, primarily serving the market of multinationals or large enterprises.

For example, Oracle is a company that generates super complete and modular systems for each industry, which makes these to be super specific and decisive, but end up being too cumbersome and time-consuming for the personal who has to use it. In turn, each software implemented in each company involves a training process that can take up to years and cost millions of dollars.

The same applies to SAP or SalesForce. This latter offers a series of effective products, but that are marketed separately. The processes and implementation costs are usually similar to those of Oracle.

But there is something that these companies have in common, is the fact that they are leaving SMEs offside.

Unlike these systems, there is one focused on teams of 10 to 50 people, for those companies who need to leave the Excel and do not want to dive into the overwhelming world of big platforms. It is COR (, a cloud tool for managing Budgets, Projects and Collections in an integrated way. It is a Project Management + CRM + ERP ideal for service companies.

COR requires no more than register with an e-mail to start using it, being the first 14 days completely for free. This can be done directly in their website.

Their main goal is to simplify the work, which is why the program is focused on being easy for any user. Knowing the long process that takes to implement big systems, COR focused on the fact that anyone can start using it immediately, thus eliminating huge investments of time and money.

The platform was designed so that any user can organize their work from anywhere and anytime, even accessing from the phone.

They want to become the bridge that was needed to shelve Excel and take your enterprise to the next level!


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