Message to Agencies

Agencies are working more hours everyday for a lower fee to stay in the market.

If profit margins keep going down, agencies will have little to no options to survive. Salaries don鈥檛 have chances of getting better, teams are overworked and the job is turning harder every day. Something has to change.

If this keeps going on, the senior talent, which differentiates agencies from one another, will leave in search of better opportunities, turning the agency into a simple commodity.

This is why we must negotiate fees that allow us to take care of our team if we want to keep our talent and maintain our differences.

Fees can only be negotiated with information. Knowing about the profitability of every project in a precise and timely fashion is the only way to re-negotiate a healthy fee.

Obtaining revenue by acquiring more clients and by keeping the same low profit margin will only lead to a bigger team working on an unsustainable business model which will result in failure.

This vicious cycle will only end when the job gets valued again. It鈥檚 about profitability, not just revenue. We are here to empower you.

Let鈥檚 be great again. Let鈥檚 claim creativity. Let’s save the industry.

Santi Bibiloni
CEO & Co-Founder of COR

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