Exclusive webinar with David Sable + COR Awards 2024

Message to Agencies

You know very well that your company’s primary objective is to sell its services at the highest price possible by utilizing all available work hours.

This price is mainly determined by your reputation.

To maintain our competitive edge and retain our talented workforce, we need to offer prices that allow us to take good care of our team.

Why do I mention this? Well, fair fees can only exist when there is an hourly value assigned to each employee, and the time required for project completion matches the allocated time.

Any deviation in the time schedule will automatically affect work overload and your team’s hourly value.

Attracting more clients and, thus, increasing our revenue without considering our team’s profitability, will only create a larger team with an unsustainable business model that will eventually lead to failure.

This cycle of failure will only break when we start giving importance to the value of our work and its profitability, not just the revenue it generates. We’re here to assist you in achieving that goal.

Santi Bibiloni
CEO & Co-Founder of COR

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