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Let’s Shape the Future of Agencies Together!

Future of Agencies

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The ongoing turmoil of the global pandemic, and economic uncertainty have created a challenging business environment – but have also motivated creativity to its fullest, pushing agency leaders to start redefining the industry.

That’s why IAA – International Advertising Association-  and COR – the all in one Management Solution for Marketing & Creative Agencies- are launching a survey to understand “The State of the Advertising & Marketing Agency” as it relates to their operations and tech stack.


These are the main topics of this report:

Operational Efficiency:

From project management to profitability, running a creative agency isn’t easy. Help us pinpoint the biggest obstacles that are shaping the industry’s challenges.


Assigning the best available resources to tasks and projects is a hand-full. How well does your agency anticipate resource needs? Do you know your team’s availability? 

Client Relationships:

Having a smooth client relationship encouraged by trust and transparency can alleviate a big part of any agency’s stress. How are you getting along with them?


Having profitable projects is the dream, but can we actually ensure this? What are the criteria behind a financially sound agency?

Tech Stack:

From simple dashboards to a set of different tools, each agency tech stack may look very different, but it should be solving its main challenges. Where is the industry using technology as its ally? 

The goal is to gather data from agency and marketing leaders from all over the world so we can analyze what impacts agencies and the people who are creating the future of this industry. 

Be part of the State of the Advertising & Marketing Industry Report sponsored by the IAA, Adforum & COR and let’s shape the future together. 


What are we going to talk about in this article?

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Future of Agencies
The ongoing turmoil of the global pandemic, and economic uncertainty have created a challenging business...

Let’s Shape the Future of Agencies Together!

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