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“How can Artificial Intelligence empower the Advertising Industry.” 

By Ivan Bercovich

 Engineering Executive (Ex Amazon). 

 “2022: Challenges and Opportunities for the Ad&Mkt Industry.”

By Dagmara Szulce

Global Managing Director of the International Advertising Association. 

Blog Notes

Workflow Diagrams Software

Why Do Workflow Diagrams Software Matter?

You can communicate almost any concept better in visuals than in words. Business process diagramming integrations are excellent tools when your agency is trying to...

Talent Retention: Creating the Ideal Workplace

A comprehensive employee retention program is a key differentiator in tight talent markets. Reduce employee turnover, retain top talent and establish an engaged workforce. Working...
Talent Retention

Why Should Talent Retention be a Priority for your Agency?

The business and employment landscape is forever changing and evolving, and so are human resources department in any agency. In this article, we’ll be discussing...
Agency Budget

Planning your Agency’s Budget 2023: Pin Down the Essentials

What is enough to get your brand noticed and drive appropriations for projects? How much is too much to generate a meaningful return on investment?...

Still Hanging Around Email?

Is e-mail as dead as they say? Then why is your Gmail account so active? Email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication...
sales Pitch

Arts and Crafts of a Sales Pitch: Winning your Client’s Heart

Put your head in the game, you have to be in it to win it. Pitching is an inevitable part of agency life – be...

Time Tracking Software: Enhance your Agency’s Performance

Any business that spends their working hours away from the office or working on a computer can benefit from time tracking. Here we’ll discuss why...
social media

The Social Media Meta has Changed Forever: Instagram as King and Tik Tok as Queen

Facebook’s reign ended a long time ago. People now are consuming content from Tik Tok and Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg’s first social network seems now like...
hourly work rates

Hourly Work Rates: The Right Way To Go For Creatives

There’s been a hot debate about how rates should be charged in creative agencies since the beginning of their lifetime. Hourly and fixed rates have...
Full-time vs Part-time vs Freelance

Choose Your Fighter: Full-time vs Part-time vs Freelance

Full-time vs. part-time vs. freelance: what should you hire? As remote work becomes more popular every day, you must understand what suits you best as...

6 Successful Tips for a Knocker Pitch

You´d be surprised at the difference a perfect pitch can make. Here we’ll discuss some strategies to level up your pitch game. The pitching game...

How to Keep Up with your Project with Effective Follow-ups

It takes a lot of effort to get a project up to speed, but once you’ve built up enough momentum, it’s just a matter of...