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“How can Artificial Intelligence empower the Advertising Industry.” 

By Ivan Bercovich

 Engineering Executive (Ex Amazon). 

 “2022: Challenges and Opportunities for the Ad&Mkt Industry.”

By Dagmara Szulce

Global Managing Director of the International Advertising Association. 

Blog Notes

Pain Points for Creative Agencies

Top Pain Points for Creative Agencies

If you’ve ever worked in content production, then you’re one of us. After a long day refining your ideas, gathering data, writing copy, and writing...
marketing & advertising Report

COR Works Wonders for Every Role in your Agency

Marketing and advertising agencies are a hub for talent. since not all agencies are the same in terms of size and specialty, navigating the many...

1 out of 2 Agencies Do not Know their Production Capacity

Manufacturing agencies are always looking for ways to maximize their production process and delete inefficiencies by increasing productivity and minimizing production costs. Agencies in today’s...
marketing & advertising Report

Sneak Peak: Diving Deep into the State of the Marketing & Advertising Report

Introduction  Metrics are being overlooked in an industry that needs them. Most companies aren’t defining their most important metrics and even if they are, they’re...
automating processes

What’s the Importance of Automating Processes in the Advertising World?

Advertising automation is a technology that manages the marketing processes and multinational campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically. With automation, businesses can target customers with automated...

The Key to your Client’s Heart: How to Nurture a Successful Client-Agency Relationship

The client-agency relationship is when a client appoints an advertising agency for making his ad. It continues till the ad agency provides satisfactory services to...
scope creep

Goodbye Scope Creep! We Won’t Miss You!

As a freelancer, you’ll be handling scope creep most of the time. What is it, and how to adapt, and fix the issues when it...
transparency in creative agencies

Transparency Reign is Supreme in Successful Creative Agencies

In this article, we’re going to talk about how transparency builds strong relationships with your client and the many other benefits of adopting that value....
Workflow Diagrams Software

Why Do Workflow Diagrams Software Matter?

You can communicate almost any concept better in visuals than in words. Business process diagramming integrations are excellent tools when your agency is trying to...

Talent Retention: Creating the Ideal Workplace

A comprehensive employee retention program is a key differentiator in tight talent markets. Reduce employee turnover, retain top talent and establish an engaged workforce. Working...
Talent Retention

Why Should Talent Retention be a Priority for your Agency?

The business and employment landscape is forever changing and evolving, and so are human resources department in any agency. In this article, we’ll be discussing...
Agency Budget

Planning your Agency’s Budget 2023: Pin Down the Essentials

What is enough to get your brand noticed and drive appropriations for projects? How much is too much to generate a meaningful return on investment?...