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Measuring value

Directors c-level

Problems faced by Directors

Did you know that you can increase your profitability by up to 42% just by automating processes in your agency?
Being a manager of a creative agency requires vision and relevant information to make the best business decisions. And although the trend is to focus on turnover, operational optimization impacts profitability equally or more. That’s why COR is oriented to generate the highest operational visibility of the agency through automatic and real time reports. This way, business leaders will be able to do what they do best: measure value!

What do Creative Agency Directors gain by using COR?

At COR we understand that creative agencies are working harder and earning less. That is why our mission is to help the industry to recover the value of the work that is delivered to them by the agency. By achieving a more efficient operation, agencies will be able to better negotiate their fees, improving the financial health of their business; this will allow all the talent to also be better paid and support the growth within the industry.

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