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Estimate working hours and detect hours spent without manual effort. Our Artificial Intelligence allows you to predict profitability, delivery dates and production capacity.

Get to know the profitability of each project.

COR shows the profitability of each project in an accurate, automatic and real-time way using Artificial Intelligence. Increase your profitability by up to 42%, understanding the profit margin for each client, and what services are worth continuing to offer.

Automate time tracking, focusing on what’s important.

The cost for manual time tracking represents 25% of your team’s working hours. In addition, we know that there is a margin of error of up to 30%, so at the end of the day we do not know exactly how much time was spent on each project, which prevents us from knowing their real profitability and makes the company lose money constantly.

For that, COR automates time tracking, eliminating the margin of error for manual input, allowing you to evaluate the performance of your team, giving visibility to make better quotes and achieve more accurate negotiations with your customers.

Assigns tasks according to Real Time Availability.

80% of service companies have an annual turnover rate of 20%. This is largely because project leaders do not have enough visibility on what each person is doing and teams end up overloaded with work.

For this, COR provides, in real time, the workload of each of your collaborators, making it easier for leaders to distribute tasks and avoid saturation of their teams.

Ensure Effective Communication with your Team.

COR facilitates the work of the whole team by optimizing the use of time in each project. By organizing the information within each task, COR allows effective communication with a record of each exchange.

Create tasks, assign responsibilities, estimate delivery dates and have a fluid interaction with your team. It allows everyone to be automatically notified about changes and developments in each task. In addition, get full visibility of the progress of each client’s project and the operational availability of each assigned collaborator.

Understand the Real Costs for Budgeting Projects.

Most companies carry a 30% margin of error in estimating their costs in relation to man-hours worked. This affects the veracity of budgets and generally results in a loss of money for the business.

Since time is the most difficult variable to calculate and the one that most affects the costs of a service company, COR automates the team’s time tracking, thus avoiding errors generated with manual tracking. In addition, it measures the deviations at the task level, calculating how long each one will take, to finally suggest the amount to be quoted for each project.

Get Information for Smart Decision Making.

Making the right decisions requires reliable, accurate, real-time information. Having the right insights will make the difference in running your business more assertively.

In a single metrics dashboard, COR allows you to visualize which services to focus on, who the best customers are, how close you are to the year’s profitability goals and the team’s productivity.

Entiende los Costos Reales para Presupuestar Proyectos.

La mayoría de las empresas arrastran un margen de error del 30% en la estimación de sus costos en relación a horas hombre trabajadas. Esto afecta la veracidad de los presupuestos y generalmente deriva en pérdidas de dinero para el negocio.

Dado que el tiempo es la variable más difícil de calcular y la que más incide en los costos de una empresa de servicios, COR automatiza la carga de horas de los equipos, evitando así los errores generados con cargas manuales. Además, mide los desvíos a nivel tarea, calculando cuánto tiempo tomará cada una, para finalmente sugerir el monto a cotizar para cada proyecto.

How COR is helping these agencies

  • The most interesting fact about COR is not only the order and the planing capability but also the visibility that gave us to generate new business opportunities internally. We have been able to automate our processes by becoming more efficient with our clients. Surely a breaking point for our future.

    M. Llerena
    M. Llerena CEO / Mandarina
  • With COR we’ve got the power of visibility! COR is definitely a “Wow Company”.

    A. Berro
    A. Berro General Director @ di Paola
  • The real time tracking and the efficiency increase in our functional teams in agencies like ours, can only be achieved by profitability increasing. COR is what every SAAS is looking for.

    D. Read
    D. Read Co-Founder / CPR Interactive
  • COR is taking the efficiency to a place where the time administration in one of the most valuable resources.

    G. Yui
    G. Yui Co-Founder / The Engineer and the Designer
  • With COR's implementation we realized our business real opportunities

    J. Frank
    J. Frank Director / Frank & Asociados
  • COR gave us visibility over the entire company. It allowed us to see our daily operation, the management of each office we have around the world, in the same platform.

    F. Ambrosetti
    F. Ambrosetti General Director / Central CTL
  • Using Artificial Intelligence is very important to replace unproductive tasks within our agency. 

    S. Olivera
    S. Olivera CEO @ Y&R
  • COR meets everything an agency needs; it has everything it takes to manage projects efficiently.

    C. Pezzani
    C. Pezzani CTO @ GREY
  • Since day one we received COR’s Customer Success Team support in a highly efficient way. I strongly believe that this has been a very important part of our success in adopting COR. It’s good to know we are not alone.

    P. Santizo
    P. Santizo
  • COR allows us to know the real profits of each project and, above all, helps our people focus on what really matters instead of losing time on operational and boring tasks.

    N. Larios
    N. Larios
  • Delivery dates estimations, work quality improvement, time optimization, correct remuneration for collaborators, are just some of the great advantages COR gives us, allowing our teams to focus on doing what we are good at.

    N. Cereser
    N. Cereser
  • COR’s automation gives us the information we need to make decisions and provide a better service to our customers.

    F. Beltran
    F. Beltran
  • We are convinced that COR will give us a better knowledge about our business and will help us work more effectively on our pain points.

    J. Gutierrez
    J. Gutierrez Regional TD @ Ogilvy